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Minimum Wage23.7.08
The Fair Pay Commission has handed down its July 2008 decision increasing wage rates for employees covered under the Federal IR system. Learn exactly how this affects you. Click Here Effective Workplace

Many employers are uncertain about what has changed in workplace relations with the election of the new Federal Labor government. Click Here to download our December newsletter about workplace relations under labour.

Training for Managers & Supervisors

Developing skills and knowledge for successful management of IR/HR

Training for managers on industrial relations and human resource management issues, such as:

We can provide training for groups or individuals with high quality notes and materials for trainees to take away them and use in the workplace. We will carry out training on your premises if you have suitable facilities or we will arrange facilities.

We can also arrange the presentation of Workcover accredited courses on OHS topics by appropriately accredited trainers.


Ensuring compliance with legislation and industrial instruments, including OHS legislation;

 We will review your current procedures and employment records and tell you whether you are doing the right thing and, if not, what you must do to comply. If you are not doing the right thing you are exposed to any or all of- possible industrial disputes and action; claims to recover unpaid wages and entitlements (e.g. redundancy or unpaid leave); prosecution for breach of award or legislation; and fines.

Do you know that the maximum fines for breaches of the NSW Occupational Health & Safety Act are over $500,000 and that actual fines in excess of $100,000 are regularly imposed? Do you know that you must have formal OHS risk management and consultation arrangements in place? Did you know that if you are convicted of a breach of the OHS Act you will have a criminal record?

The consequences of non-compliance can be very costly and dealing with these problems can be very time-consuming. It is much easier and cheaper to sort out the problems in advance.


Development of staff policy and procedure manuals;

We can prepare a policy and procedure manual for your business and assist you in maintaining it. Such manuals provide a valuable resource for induction and training of new employees and ensure consistency of approach across your business. They also provide a very effective means to allow supervisors and managers to set and maintain acceptable standards of performance by staff.

It is a central principle of employment and industrial law that employees must be made aware of policies, standards and procedures if they are to be held accountable for following them. This ranges from simple matters like time-keeping and attendance through acceptable workplace behaviour to OHS policies and anti-discrimination policies. Employees must also be given the appropriate training so that they are able to adhere to the policies. A manual provides the framework for such training.

While such manuals can require substantial commitment to produce, they are a powerful tool to assist in the achievement of effective workplace relations.